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SwimShape Pull Up Bar
SwimShape Pull Up Bar
Brand: Swimshape
NEW product



In-Deck and On-Deck
options make installation a
breeze whether installing
on an existing pool or a
new pool. Both options
can be removed from the
deck for storage without
leaving a trip-hazard.

Allows accessories (QuikFire
Pool Basketball Hoop,
QuikSpike Pool Volleyball
Set, & Pool-Up Bar) to be
interchanged using the
same base—thereby
reducing clutter and freeing
up deck space.

The QuikAdjust knob allows
you to raise and lower the
height of accessories to
accommodate different age
groups, heights, and fitness

SwimShape products are
made in the USA and are
backed by a three-year
warranty. Our thermoplastic
powder coating process
provides excellent corrosion
protection for salt water pools.

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SwimShape Pull Up Ba